10 Quick Thanksgiving Projects

The ghost of Thanksgiving past in coming out today. There are some fun projects in the archives here to make your Thanksgiving just a little more memorable. Here are some of my favs:

Make Thanksgiving Critter Buckets (think kids table):

Pecan Pie Brownies? Yes, please.

Play Mr. Turkey Potato Head with your kids:

Teach your kids the value of saying Thank You with small notes for them (or you) to use!

A fun way to remember all of the things your family is grateful for:

A November Calendar:

Eggnog Pie:

Another way to count those blessings!

A Quick Leaf Garland

Quick Cupcake tags (can be used for so many things!)

Hope your November is going great!

Don’t forget about the New Thanksgiving Printables I have out right now:

Thanksgiving Wreath // Thanksgiving Print // Thanksgiving Garland


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  1. Amanda Jordan says:

    such wonderful ideas ! Thank you for sharing!

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