A little bunny basket. {All About Easter}

All About Easter is here! I am super excited for all of my amazing guests the next two weeks.  You will find a little bit of everything and hope it helps you get all ready for the upcoming holiday!  I would love it if you want to advertise All About Easter by grabbing a button and putting on your blog…post about it, tweet about it..the more visitors, the better!:)
I cannot tell you how much I enjoy making Easter baskets! Crazy, crazy, I know, but more than saving money, I love personalizing my kids baskets.  Here are a few I have made in years past:
This year, I was flipping through Chasing Fireflies and saw this cute thing:
So sweet and so simple that of course I thought, “I won’t pay $28 for it, I will make it for under $5!”
And that is just what I did.
I realize mine is not exactly the same.  They used 6-8 panels vs. my 4, but either way..I am loving how it turned out!  And of course, this one will be for my little girl, so I had to put a little bow on it!
Is it not the sweetest thing?  Check out a few of the details:

I made the tail out of a yarn pom pom, embroidered the face on, and gave the top and ears a cute little blanket stitch.
My girl barely let me finish sewing it before she ripped it out of my hands. I guess she likes it!:)
Do you want to make one?
Here are is a quick pattern for the main body and ears.  (click and then right click to save)

A few tips:
*I actually used the same idea as my TOM THE TURKEY pattern for the base of the basket. Download those instructions here.
*The circle of felt on the bottom I used was a nut jar lid.
*I actually lined the inside with fleece, so I sewed 2 bases and placed the fleece on the inside so there were no visible seams.
*Once you have both the outside and inside together, simply fold in the top, pin and sew around it. Trim any edges close to the thread line. 
*Once the base is done, I sewed the ears on, and sewed a strap..1 1/2 inches wide by about 10 inches long (make yours as big or small as you want!)  Then simply pin it on and sew.
* I sewed the blanket stitch next. Learn how to do a blanket stitch here.
*Embroider your face. Sew on a small felt nose.
*Make a yarn pom pom for the tail. Learn how to make a yarn pom pom here. Sew it on the back.
*YOU are done. Now embellish it to suit your child!
My boys baskets are not done yet, but they have requested something much different than a bunny! I will be using the same base and making a hedgehog and a cardinal (one of my boys is obsessed with red!) unless of course they change their mind AGAIN!:)  I’ll let you see the finished product when they are done!
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