A Star Wars Birthday


My 7 year old celebrated his birthday last month with a fun little party with his closest friends. When I asked him what theme he wanted…it was a quick decision..STAR WARS! I was excited to get out my Galaxy Tots and play more with them and wanted to show you quickly how I put on a simple Star Wars Party.  I am not a huge party thrower…I love to make my kids happy, but don’t feel like I have to go ALL out to do it (plus, being nice and pregnant..this one was super simple to put together..and the kids had a lot of fun.) Number 1 rule to follow once your kids are old enough…let them make the party!


First up were the invitations…Super simple invites were made and passed out and Lincoln loved them!

He wanted an R2D2 cake. I would say this is more a cake fail than success, but again, he loved it, so it all worked out!

I tried to talk him into cupcakes, but it was cake all the way. Here is a cute little idea in using the Galaxy Paper tots on cupcakes..super simple and quick!

For the activities..Lincoln is really into origami, so we pulled out paper, markers and tape and each kid made an Origami Yoda…

I love how they are each individual, but still recognizable..they loved making their Yoda their own!

Next up, a treasure hunt through Yoda’s swamp. I hid green balloons everywhere..gave them clues and each one led to the overflowing treasure box of goodies!

The last activity was to make light sabers out of pool noodles. Simple cut them in half and have silver and black duct tape on hand. They can decide how they want their handle to look and voila..you have a perfect favor and activity where the kids won’t get hurt!

It was especially fun when dad got home and he got in on the action too!

Lastly, I made these super cute candy bar wrappers to wrap around giant candy bars and Lincoln gave one to each of his guests as they left.

They were a perfect thank you + reminder to have the force be with them!

This will be the first of many party printables to come. The Star Wars Birthday Pack will include:

1 page of 1″fillable Galaxy Tots (use these on the invitations in the blank circle on top to personalize to your kids favorite characters)

1 page of regular paper tots- use these for cupcakes, favors, etc.

1 blank invitation in 3 colors

4 candy bar wrapper favors

1 4″ship favor

3 Happy Birthday Banners in 3 colors

This is a really fun way to get a great party put together fast!  You can buy the pack HERE in my shop.

Do you have any Star Wars lovers in YOUR home?

6 thoughts on “A Star Wars Birthday

  1. Amanda medina says:

    Hi. I was wondering if there was anyway to get just the candy. At wrapper printable and also have it be editable. I want to use them for a baby shower. Thanks!


    1. Kiki Comin says:

      hi amanda, just email me at [email protected] and i can help you out. thanks.

  2. Andrea says:

    Hello , can I buy just the candy wrappers ? Please let me know . Tks , Andrea

  3. Tammy MacDonald says:

    Hello! I’m throwing a Star Wars bday party for my daughter and would love to get the candy wrappers. Can u help me with this? Thanks


    1. Kiki Comin says:

      Hi Tammy,

      I can help you…just email me at [email protected] and we will get you set up! thanks!

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