America the Beautiful BIG print! {Fourth of July Printable}

I have LOVED making these chalkboard prints this year! This is is my 5th or 6th one and I never tire of doing them because of the graphic and bold nature of them..and to read words like this makes it fun as well:
The fourth of July has always had a sweet place in my heart. I get giddy thinking about it..but the kind of giddy that makes my heart swell with pride.   I love talking with my kids about our freedoms and the blessings that come from living in a free and democratic society. Even if the people you vote for don’t get voted into office or the laws that you vote on are defeated, what a HUGE blessing that we get a chance to let our voices be heard.  AND my favorite part of this print? America! America! God shed his grace on thee…  I am a person whose faith plays a huge role in my life. There is something special about knowing that God was an essential part of forming this country…that the founding fathers looked for guidance from Him as they laid the foundation of this country. What a concept, right?! To recognize that something greater than themselves and their political agendas was being formed and so they turned to the One who sees and knows all for guidance in doing it!

America IS beautiful. The diversity of races, opinions and faiths. Diversity makes America beautiful. The dedicated men and women who serve in the Armed Forces giving up so much, even their lives, to defend that precious gift of freedom. They make America beautiful. Their families who sacrifice SO much. Their sacrifice makes America beautiful. I could go on and on…

Yes, we already have our Fourth of July wall up…I want my kids to FEEL that pride and gratitude that comes from understanding what freedom truly means.

SO enough of my ramblings! I am so excited to offer this print to you in 3 colors…and have it in BIG sizes too.

You can buy it anywhere from an 11×14 to a 36×48. 11×14, 16×20 and 20×30 are easiest and cheapest printed at Costco (remember to hit the do not autocorrect button at checkout). For those wanting a 36×48, it is cheapest to print at Office Depot or Staples where they do engineering prints (they only do this in black and white) for around $8!

I cannot wait to see the pics of these in your home or at your Fourth of July celebrations!  I’d also LOVE it if you take a second to pin one of these pics on Pinterest..or share it on Facebook!  Thanks SO much.

You can find the prints HERE in my shop.