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Christmas Bread {recipe}

There are so many great things I will always remember about  the holidays growing up. I remember as a child sitting at the kitchen counter watching my mom bake. I always loved watching her make bread. There was always something so fascinating about watching such simple ingredients mix and rise (and of course, I LOVED eating it as well).  Each December, my mom would make loaves and loaves of Christmas bread to give to neighbors, friends and co-workers. It filled our home with the sweetest smells. It’s how I learned how to braid and as a child, anything with sprinkles just made any gray day turn sunny. It was one of those traditions that made me happy as I thought about it so decided to share it with you!

I LOVE to look at that bread as it comes out of the oven:

The braiding on it is so pretty.

Don’t feel shy in putting a WHOLE lot of frosting on it. (I personally think each bite should include some frosting)

Then use your sprinkles! This could really be changed to use for any holiday by what colors you use in your sprinkles.

Then slice and eat OR wait until the frosting has dried, wrap in plastic wrap, then add cellophane and ribbon and give, give away.

It’s one of those traditions that will keep going and going because of the sweet memories (and taste) it brings!

I hope your holidays are filled with much family, fun and traditions galore!

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