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This post was orginally on Kristen Duke Photography for her series Decorating with Portraits.  You can check out her amazing month long series HERE.

Hi everyone!  Hope your weekend was great. Mine was wonderful. Uplifting, productive and relaxing. Couldn’t have asked for anything better.  Awhile ago, I was asked by more than one person if I hung my own prints in my house?  The answer is YES! I have my prints big and small in places all over my home.  It really is one of my favorite things about designing prints..I can make them up right away and hang them wherever I please! Do you have any of my prints in your home? How/where do you have them?

Last month I was asked to do a guest post over at Kristen Duke Photography (isn’t she amazing)..on how I decorate with family portraits.  You can see a few of my prints hanging around in these pics.   Enjoy!

I LOVE my family and so naturally loved this idea that Kristen had. I know so many other bloggers in this series have said this already, but I truly want my children to know how important they are in my life.  I want them to know it in the way that I talk to them and the way I treat them, but I also want them to know it by the things that I don’t say.  And that is where today’s ideas come in.
I have this enormous wall in my house that was begging for pictures when we moved in.  I think most people who read my blog know that I am a person who loves to scavenge my garage for things I am not currently using and try to figure out a way to make it work. I had a variety of frames in all different sizes , so with a little spray paint and some white mats, I brought some cohesiveness to the grouping.
(and yes, we are already decorating for Halloween!)
One of my favorite “family pictures” we have had taken is this picture that I have in the middle of the grouping.  This is a picture of all of our hands in my family. I love that you can see each person’s hand there…and love that it represents all of us working hard together to make our family work!

As you walk down our stairs I have this little wall that I have decorated seasonally. I have had other things on the wall for awhile, but thought it would be really fun to take a picture of my kids every season and frame it. My husband and I (okay, mostly my husband) made me this sweet little frame..and I adore looking at my kids in their Halloween costumes. 

The thing I love about this project is that I can change it out anytime I want..as often as I want. The kids were beaming when they saw themselves all dressed up and I can’t help but think it will get them even more excited for Halloween!

Lastly, I have a wall where I can literally write my kids a love note everyday.  Their picture is included over the note..and by using a dry erase marker, I can change out that message of love each day for them.
It is just another fun way to SHOW my kids just how much this mommy adores them.
And I truly do.

Now how do you use portraits? I’d love to hear..and then Kristen has a really fun link party up right now for you to showcase how you decorate with portraits. You can find the link to here party HERE!

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