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DIY Christmas Kitchen Towel Gift

 I adore Christmastime. The feeling I get when I get my house all decorated is something I cannot even describe, so I thought I’d help you even get your kitchen dressed up a little with this Christmas Kitchen Towel.

DIY kitchen Christmas template and printable at kiki and company

I love to see all of those cute little bug pictures at Christmas with a tree on top of the perfect little car, so I thought I would make a pattern up to share.

To make you simply need:

Kitchen Towels (I found mine at Target, but I’m sure you could find them everywhere!)

coordinating fabric (use your little scraps you have around…I used a few 5×5 pieces and had plenty for 2!

wonder under


sewing machine

ribbon/coordinating trim (optional)

DIY kitchen Christmas template and printable at kiki and company. #christmas png

To make:

1-Print and cut out pattern

2-Iron Wonder Under to the back of your fabric.

3-Using scissors, cut out each piece of fabric according to pattern

4-Iron the design on the towel working from bottom layer up

5-Sew a stitch along the car and each of the pieces you ironed down

6-If you want to add a coordinating ribbon/trim, simply sew it with a straight stitch on to the towel

7-You are done! Give as a gift or place on your oven handle and smile each time you come into the kitchen!

DIY kitchen Christmas template and printable at kiki and company

I am also giving you the whole car put together so if you want to use a dark t-shirt iron-on transfer, you can simply print it out and iron it on to the towel.

To get the free Pattern for this Christmas Towel, click on the link below:

DIY Kitchen Christmas Towel (vw bug with tree)

I hope you have the Merriest Christmas around.


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