DIY Christmas Mugs {Free Printable}

As you all know, I live in Las Vegas where fall and winter follow about 3 weeks after summer! We are finally in the cool  part of the year and each night when we come in from playing, my kids want to warm up by drinking hot cocoa. I don’t know about your kids, but mine LOVE to have their things personalized. When I saw these $1.50 mugs at Wal-Mart, I thought I could surprise my kids with a new mug for the Christmas season.

I simply took this plain white mug:

and took some sharpie markers and went to town! I added their name and made it festive. My little girl’s mug turned out so great:

Simple and sweet! By cooking my mug in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes I made the marker then become permanent on the cup.

To surprise them on December 1st, I put together a cute little bag to put in their cup. I added a packet of hot cocoa and found the sweetest little snowman marshmallow and peppermint stick by Wilton.

They will be so excited to open these!

You can personalize the cups according to the recipients taste. My son LOVES Diary of a Wimpy Kid, so I drew a little Christmas scene on his:

But I also loved this idea for gifts for teachers and other special people in your life.  I came up with a few designs that you can have and use. Some people don’t feel comfortable in free handing their designs, so there are great ways to use pictures and fonts to get just what you would like.

Using the printable below, open and size the picture to the cup you have. Using transfer paper, simply trace the picture on the cup and then using your sharpie, draw right over it. Don’t forget to cook the cup to make it permanent!  I added a few tags to tie on your sweet gift. 

To grab this free file, click HERE.