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Doc McStuffins Birthday Party {the invites}

When I thought about doing a week (or more!) of birthday ideas, this was the reason why. I threw my daughter a Doc McStuffins party in December (yes, I realize it is May),and I wanted to share some of the details from the day. If you have been a reader of my blog, you know that I LOVE to make the invites all fancy. (Not so much the party). SO here were her invites…she was SO excited:

It was the sweetest little Doc McMaizie bag:

and it had a personalized doctor tag for each of the girls inside:

The inside had a few checklisted items:

and the other side had a reminder to wear their fancy badge to the party:

It really was so cute all together:

But my favorite may have been those cute little doctor badges:

It was the perfect little invite to get the girls all excited about the day.

I have these invites now in the birthday section of my shop…all ready to be personalized to YOUR little Doc!

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2 thoughts on “Doc McStuffins Birthday Party {the invites}

  1. Such cute invitations!!! I love that cute little show;)

  2. Keri West says:

    I LOOVE the Doc McStuffins purse invitations! How much do you charge for them? My daughter loves Doc, and is having a doc themed birthday in August, and she would LOVE these!

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