Dollar Day Surprise {Christmas Countdown}

Coming up on December 21st if you have either the Mix Countdown House or the Activities Countdown there is an activity called “Dollar Day Surprise”. I wanted to explain the idea behind it and you can take it and run! 

There are many activities as a family we are doing this season to give to others. We are baking, drawing, making and giving to many other people. I thought it would be really fun to do a little something different.

For the Dollar Day Surprise, we are taking 20-$1 bills, wrapping them up…

tying on the cute tag that comes with the countdown…

and I will give each of my kids 6-7 dollar bills. We will go to the dollar stores that are around and I am giving them the chance to go and give out their dollar bills to kids around them, and simply saying “Merry Christmas”! Do you ever go in and see the kids looking at toys that they want? I thought how fun it would be to let them be “Santa”. I am anxious to see how nervous they will be at first, but have a feeling once they get the bug, they will want to make this a daily thing!

There are many ideas you could do with this..go grab some dollar toys at the dollar store and wrap them up, add the tag and take them around knocking on doors and leaving gifts at your kids friends house, wrap up those dollar bills and leave them around a store, etc. There are so many different ways you can do this one, but love the idea of having my kids carry this one out. I want them to remember this Christmas season as one of giving and hope this will be one activity they won’t forget!

Any other ideas on how to carry this one out?