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So, what do you do at 3:45 a.m.?  This morning I was awake. Thinking. I could not stop thinking and that equaled no sleep. So I thought I would get up and design a few quotes that I love…because that is what EVERYONE does when they cannot sleep at 3:45 right?!:)
 I was awake worrying. I worry about the world. Funny thing to be worried about at 3:45 in the morning, right?! I also worry about my kids growing up in the world. I want them to be aware of the problems in the world and to work hard in what ever ways they can to alleviate some of them. I want them to DO good because it is right and to leave the world better than they came.  I also want them to know what an amazing world we live in, despite the awful things that do happen.  I want them to be optimistic.  And it all starts with us, right?!  Am I the kind of parent and person who sees the good..who seeks the sunshine through the clouds? It was a good morning to reflect and these quotes gave me a good perspective.
I loved this sweet one and will admit fully I have quite a few of these to work on:
I adore this next quote and can totally relate to it. This morning early, I was WORRIED, but as I went out on my run this morning and breathed in the fresh morning air and had a few moments to think and reflect, I am once again determined to be positive and optimistic about everything..I will look at life with this attitude:

There is too much good we can each do each day..small and big things, but it requires us to DO. So I am headed off to “do” today. What will you DO today?
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