I’m A Fox Dress..Project Run and Play

For those of you here from Project Run and Play, welcome! It is so fun to have made some new friends from this experience already and can’t wait to meet more.  For those who don’t know, I was invited to take part in an online sewing competition for children, Project Run and Play, where each week designers have a theme to design an outfit around and then are voted on each Friday and Saturday to determine the winner!  Head on over to Project Run and Play and check it out and VOTE! I’d love your vote, but know there are a lot of talented designers this season, so head on over for some great inspiration.
This week our theme was to remix the Circle Skirt by Dana from Made.
The circle skirt is such a great skirt to sew…for all sewers, but is a great beginning project for someone just learning to sew.  I LOVE the drape on this skirt and as part of my design, that is one thing that I knew I wanted to keep. Here is my original design in sketch format:

and here is what it turned into: 

My daughter is bursting to the brim with personality and  I love to make outfits to show it off. She was so funny for this photo shoot as you can see, but it really was perfect for the feel I was going for!
In remixing the pattern, I kept the skirt base the same, but added large scallops along the bottom.  The skirt is made from a denim and lined with a cotton, which made the scallops so easy to make. You will laugh when you hear how I do things sometimes. (My husband laughs a lot!):) To make the scallops, I searched my house high and low for every circle we had and found the perfect bowl that fit the size scallop I needed to make an even amount of scallops. Unconventional? Certainly. Did it work? Yes, it did!  I made a simple band for a waistband with a plain front and added elastic to the back. 2″ suspenders were made and attached in the back, criss crossed and then snap close in the front. The large buttons were must haves for me (I even had them in my original sketch!) And lastly, we have the fox pockets. I LOVE foxes right now and the love of them were my main inspiration for this skirt. The thing I love about this is that you can change the color of this dress and add ANY kind of animal/person/etc. and make it completely personal for your child to wear.
After making the dress, I knew I wanted a little more texture under the dress, so I made a really simple ruffled slip to go under the dress.
The shirt was so fun to make.  I started out with a really simple tank top pattern, added some sleeves. I gave them two small pleats at the shoulder (which I am in love with..like I need to make ME one!). I added a ruffle around the neck. Snaps close the shirt all the way down the back and I added 3 simple black buttons and off centered them in the front.
She loved it to pieces and asks me daily when she can wear her fox dress again!
I thought this was such a sweet moment caught at the end of the shoot. Proof that it really is a dress you can move in!
That is a wrap on this week’s outfit!
As a bonus, I also have some fun paper dolls to dress in the clothes from this season of Project Run and Play.  You can read about the dolls and download them HERE.
Remember, free downloads are for readers of Kiki Creates only! Did you know I am moving my site soon? Kiki Creates will soon be Kiki and Company…so I am now asking you to “like” my new facebook page, in return for the free downloads. You can find it HERE. Thanks!
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Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed a brief look into my design this week.  Remember to jump over and vote for your favorite design…and hope I will be around next week to show you outfit #2!