Introducing: A Halloween Pack

Wow! Can you believe it is already Monday again?!  Time is flying. My to-do list is getting longer and events are starting to pile up!  Sound anything like your life?
With Halloween around the corner comes school, church and friend Halloween parties. Maybe you are throwing one yourself? I know I am and just planning it is busy enough without the actual pulling it all together!
Well, this Halloween, I am excited to introduce “A Halloween Pack”. A downloadable pack of goodies to help you get through these last few weeks of stressful times and make them into fun and memorable times instead!
Each day this week I will post a sneak peek of a different part of the pack and Friday at 3:00 AM EST it will be available to download!
The first thing I think about when doing Halloween are the cupcakes I am inevitably bringing to parties, to school, etc. (It seems like I bring them everywhere!) So for me, time is of the essence!
With these sweet little toppers you can quickly make up a batch (or 4) of any kind of cupcake, add frosting, a little decor like sprinkles, balls, etc. (if you want).
Then simply have these little guys cut out and glued on a toothpick, a small popsicle stick, etc. and stick them in the top!
Super fun, festive and EASY to put together. A must for the holidays!
The second thing I will show you today is something that I am using all of the time..
A To-Do List…just made cute!

Fun, right?!  This week will bring you all kinds of goodies. Treat bag toppers, dessert tags, a banner, a Halloween print, cards, etc!  Hope you are as excited as I am. And remember Friday is the day you can download it all.

Thanks for stopping by.