Mr. and Mrs. Turkey Potato Head {Free Downloads}

I’m excited to share with you today a fun activity to keep your kid’s hands busy while you are getting Thanksgiving together. It would even make a perfect activity for a children’s table.
Today we are going to make:

First off, I must give credit where credit is due. My awesome husband had this idea..he has so many fun ideas..so just want to give him the credit for this one!

First,  simply download all of the pages of turkey fun. Take the turkey body and legs and put them together.  You can make this a long lasting activity by laminating the turkey and all of the parts and using double sided tape..or whatever you have around to make them stick together! If you want your little munchkin to just put one together, you don’t have to laminate and just use glue. You can even make the turkey movable by using brads to put it together when it is all put together.

I included some fun feathers..feel free to fill in with feathers you can cut out of cardstock.

SO here is the start of our turkey:

Then simply have them choose eyes, hats, bows, bow ties, glasses, etc.
and a hairstyle:
And soon you will have all sorts of turkeys running around your house!

There is one outfit for each a boy and girl turkey…but tons of possibilities with the accessories and hairstyles.  Here is the files you will download. You can find them HERE! Remember free downloads are for FOLLOWERS of Kiki Creates ONLY.  Please be honest and look right over on the sidebar where it says “come create with me” and click the follow button..it just takes a second. Thanks!
Now go and enjoy your Thanksgiving while your kids are kept busy.:)