Past Valentines on Kiki and Company {free printables}

I always like to have a good roundup from my favorite bloggers of their holiday projects. Here is a list of projects and printables I have for Valentine’s Day..and there will be many more upcoming!

Use these You are the _______ to my ________ cards as a valentine, to make a banner, to make a book of love..the ideas are endless with this set!

These are sweet valentines for you…i LOVE that fox.:)

Tell that someone special you love them..

Here are some cute and colorful cards for your kids..

Here is a large (16×20) print for your wall..or a backdrop for a cute decor item..
and here is a cute calendar of numbers to use to keep your month all festive!

Kiki and Company Digital Prints also has a lot of fun Valentines prints just for the holiday of LOVE! You can find the “I love you because” prints HERE¬†and you can see a sweet collection of Valentines prints I have HERE¬†including this sweet new one:

I am working on a new gallery wall for Valentine’s and can’t wait to show you all the new prints that will be featured on it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!