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September 2014 Women’s Meeting Printables #sharegoodness

Oh, I love this time of year! It’s fall. The weather is cooler, but do you know my favorite weekend of the fall? The first weekend in October. For me and my fellow members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we gather for a weekend of inspiring words and music from our Prophet, apostles and other leaders. It is so nice to be together with family and just sit and listen! Last weekend, we had a women’s conference just for women and had some incredible talks that had me walking away feeling uplifted, inspired and wanting to go out and serve and love better. One of my favorite ways to remember the sweet words said is to have them around my house, so today I will share a few with you too!

God Loves You. (click on the title to download)

Live the gospel joyful!(click on the title to download)

Heavenly Father is constantly raining blessings on us. (click on the title to download)

The best way to strengthen a home. (click on the title to download)

Where much is required. (click on the title to download)

Place your selfish desires. (click on the title to download)

I hope you enjoy seeing these around your home and I look forward to sharing some of the great inspiring words that are sure to come this weekend!

If you’d like to watch along with me, you can click HERE to watch it live.

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