Robot Printable Valentines




Beep-Beep-Beep. Make these cute Robot Candy Valentines with these sweet Robot Printable Valentines. These are easy and quick to make and would take no time to make enough for an entire classroom.

Simply download, cut out and place on the back of the conversation hearts. Included in this digital set are the Robot Candy Valentines and a Robot Sticker Sheet.

To make the Robot Candy Valentines:

@brachscandy Conversation Hearts
Candy Eyes
Printable Robot Valentines (
Sticker paper or cardstock
Hot glue

Follow the video by glueing the starbursts to the conversation hearts for both the eyes and the feet.
Glue on the smarties as arms.
Glue on the candy eyes.
Place Valentine on back of box.

Happy Valentines Day!❤️