Enjoy Hair Care Giveaway

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Enjoy Hair Care was kind enough to send me a variety of products to review for kiki creates. of course i immediately got busy and have been using these products daily:

below are some common hair mishaps, and their solutions:

Limp Hair- if you need some serious volume, smoothness and shine, Enjoy Volumizing Mousse is a good start. it works great as a root volumizer, just apply to the base of your hair shaft, then proceed with styling. volumizing is now easy!

Frizzy Hair- my hair is neither straight nor curler, it is a weird inbetween that must be blow-dried. Enjoy Straightener is an excellent product for helping to straight and control coarse or curler hair. it leaves your hair soft and smooth.

Dull Hair- ever wonder how women on t.v. get that glamourous shine? now it too can be yours, just try a little Enjoy Shine and Smooth. it helps eliminate frizziness and makes your hair soft and silky without weighing it down. this perfect product is also great for humidity by helping to lock in moisture and keep humidity at bay.

the whole product line is incredible. products ranging from gels, to antifrizz, Enjoy has you covered (in fact, Tman has been using the gel…and likes it!) if you are interested in purchasing any of the products, you can find them by visiting Enjoy’s website. 

just to see how easy to use and effective the products are, i put together a hair tutorial video for you. enjoy!


and if you’re interested in giving these amazing products a try, Enjoy is offering one kiki creates reader the chance to win Enjoy Shampoo and Conditioner. and did you know, the shampoo also doubles as a luxurious skin wash and the conditioner is great for shaving, bonus!

to enter simply:
leave a comment and tell us which product you would use.

for extra entries:
“like” Blushing Basics facebook page
“like” Kiki Creates facebook page
“like” Enjoy Hair Care’s facebook page..and let them know we sent you!

winner will be announced on Monday!

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45 Responses to “Enjoy Hair Care Giveaway”

  1. Rachael Wallgren

    I'd definitely love to try the Enjoy Straightening product. Its been my life long dream to have pretty hair. :)

  2. Kristen

    I have heard a lot about enjoy products recently and would love to try them out…especially since pregnancy leaves my hair dull and limp

  3. Kristen

    I like Kiki creates on Facebook

  4. Kristen

    I like enjoy hair care on Facebook

  5. Kristen

    I like blushing basics on facebook

  6. Domanique

    oh fun!! I was just thinking I need some new shampoo and conditioner, I would try the root boot.

  7. Briana Richardson

    I would love to try the Shine and Smooth!

  8. Briana Richardson

    I like Blushing Basics on fb!

  9. Briana Richardson

    I like Kiki Creates on fb! Great Giveaway!

  10. Mica

    I'd use the Limp Hair product!


  11. Mica

    i liked blushing basics facebook page @Micaela Staheli.


  12. Mica

    i liked kiki creates facebook page @Micaela Staheli.


  13. Mica

    liked Enjoy Hair Care's facebook page @Micaela Staheli and i left a comment!


  14. Nicole

    Oh man! I am in desperate need of an anti frizz serum. or something. I have so many flyaways that I just can't control!! Thanks!

  15. Nicole

    i like kikicreates on fb.

  16. Bonnie Boo

    I love this brand! I would use the Volumizing Mousse.


  17. Marthalynn

    I'd love to try the Quick Setting Gel! marthalynn16 at gmail

  18. lovejoy_31

    either the texture spray or the straightening product.

  19. siilenti

    The texture spray definitely! My hair needs some volume!

    siilentii27 at gmail dot com

  20. Beth

    The shine and anti humidity product sounds perfect for me.

  21. Alice H

    They have a lot of products! I'd love to try their texture spray. Thanks for the chance! alicedemskehansen at gmail.com

  22. annemarie

    I would love to try the sulfate free shampoo.

  23. annemarie

    I like you on FB.

  24. Erica

    I think I would want the texture spray or texture cream. I'm always looking for texture!

  25. Erica

    I like Blushing Basics on FB

  26. Erica

    I like kiki creates on FB too!

  27. Erica

    And I like Enjoy Hair Care's fb page!!

  28. Sharon

    The volumizing mousse would be my pick….;) I have actually tried it and love it!

  29. Freja

    I need anything to revamp my hair. It grows so fast that it becomes heavy and boring very quickly.

  30. Freja

    I've liked Blushing Basics on FB!

  31. Freja

    I already like Kiki Creates on FB :)

  32. Freja

    I've liked Enjoy Hair Care's on FB, and shouted on their wall.

  33. Katy

    Gosh, I don't know if I'd go for the volume sh/cond or the frizzy one – need help with both!

  34. megan

    I would try the straightener! I have weird in between hair too! :)

  35. Mary

    I would use the Frizzy product for my naturally curly red long hair.

  36. Jessica

    I would love to try their texture spray as well!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  37. Jessica

    I "like" Blushing Basics facebook page

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  38. Jessica

    I "like" Kiki Creates facebook page

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  39. Jessica

    I "like" Enjoy Hair Care's facebook page

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  40. Hifam

    I would love to try their shaping lotion. Thanks for the giveaway!
    hickenfam at hotmail dot com

  41. Hifam

    I "like" Kiki Creates facebook page. (jody g h…)
    hickenfam at hotmail dot com

  42. Hifam

    I "like" Blushing Basics facebook page. (jody g h…)
    hickenfam at hotmail dot com

  43. Hifam

    I "like" Enjoy's facebook page and told them you sent me. (jody g h…)
    hickenfam at hotmail dot com

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