DIY Saddle Shoes {Tutorial}

diy cute saddle shoes

As you know one of my favorite things about making outfits for my kids are in the details. When I made this Knickers and Roses outfit for Project Run and Play, I knew I wanted it to be a modern, vintage spin on a golf outfit. I didn't want to go out and find my daughter some golf shoes, but immediately thought of a saddle shoe to go with this golf shoes often have the same type … [Read more...]

Gold Glittered Boots {tutorial}

cute 11

Can I tell you a secret? In my final look for Project Run and Play...I HATED my look until I decided to just go with it an hour before the photo shoot. I loved every piece individually, but the whole look just wasn't coming together. I literally worked up until the second my photographer got to my house to shoot. Somehow I went from hate to love in that time, because as it turned out..I really, … [Read more...]