DIY Saddle Shoes {Tutorial}

As you know one of my favorite things about making outfits for my kids are in the details. When I made this Knickers and Roses outfit for Project Run and Play, I knew I wanted it to be a modern, vintage spin on a golf outfit. I didn’t want to go out and find my daughter some golf shoes, but immediately thought of a saddle shoe to go with this outfit…as golf shoes often have the same type design.

To make the saddle shoe you simply need canvas shoes (like Keds..i found some at Wal-Mart for $5!), glitter and mod podge.

Make sure you take the laces out of the shoe. Do you see the diagram below of the black lined area?..that will be the area we will be working with on both sides of the shoe. On canvas shoes, it is outlined with stitching, so it is super easy to follow.  Simply use a paint brush and brush the glue onto this area in small patches, then glitter. Once you are done with the whole thing, let it dry for a bit and then take you paint brush again and mod podge over the entire  glittered area.

Once it is dry, you are good to wear them and know that the glitter won’t come off! I loved the project because it was quick, easy and easily customizable (use any color glitter you want)!

And I love how it took the outfit over the top to have her in her own saddle style golfing shoes!

Gold Glittered Boots {tutorial}

Can I tell you a secret? In my final look for Project Run and Play…I HATED my look until I decided to just go with it an hour before the photo shoot. I loved every piece individually, but the whole look just wasn’t coming together. I literally worked up until the second my photographer got to my house to shoot. Somehow I went from hate to love in that time, because as it turned out..I really, really loved the outfit I came up with (and even better, it was nice to prove that when I brought it all together, I made something I was proud of!). One of the pieces that brought it all together for me were these boots:

I giggle each time she wears them. They are bright and fun and an unexpected element. (And what girl wouldn’t love a pair of glittered cowboy boots?!)

To make them I simply took a pair of old cowboy boots, some mod podge and some glitter and went to town.

I brushed glue on, then glittered little by little. Once I had them all done and dried, I just simply went over it all again with mod podge to seal it. (Seriously LOVE mod podge.)

I loved how it brought the whole whimsical outfit together. Now go find some old boots and get glittering.:)

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