Crafting Silly Straw Shapes with Craftiness is not optional {Fun in the Sun}

I am so excited to have Jess here from Craftiness is Not Optional here today. Jess is all kinds of amazing. If you have been to her blog, you will know she is an amazing sewer and has all kinds of fun tutorials and projects to do. She often sews and crafts for her cute little kiddos and there isn’t a time I go to her blog that I don’t feel completely inspired to go and then create for myself. Here is Jess:


Hey Kiki & Co. readers! I’m Jess, from Craftiness is not Optional, and I’m so excited to be here for the Fun in the Sun series! We can all use some awesome summer activity ideas, right? I mean, besides the obvious summer activities like scarfing down copious amounts of ice cream, window shopping at Target to enjoy some AC, and “swimming” in the bathtub.

So…my oldest loves to tape things together. (And cut tiny pieces of construction paper confetti and scatter them around my craft room, but I digress) So one afternoon while the littlest was napping we settled down to to craft some silly straw shapes!

It’s pretty self explanatory, right? Grab some cheap plastic straws. Straws are available everywhere it seems, in all different colors. I got these purple ones at Michaels. Also grab some masking or scotch tape.

Cut out your pieces if needed….

…and start taping!

Letter and numbers are great to do-it’s fun and educational! Sneak in that learning!

haha, I loved these cat eye glasses I made for Sadie…this picture gets me every time! She was laughing so hard she was almost crying. I guess the thought of straw glasses was just that hilarious!

We made a house/cube…(shapes!…see? Your kids are going to be so smart after they do this)

…and added a roof and about 5 doors on one side of the house. Apparently each family member needed their own entrance? (high maintenance straw people!)

We both had a lot of fun being creative and crafting side by side, which Sadie is wanting to do with me more and more! I know this is a summer activity I’ll definitely pull out again when we’re stuck inside and bored to tears.

Thanks for having me, Kiki! Have a great summer everyone!

What a perfect activity for a summer day! Thanks so much, Jess. Make sure to go over to Craftiness is Not Optional and say hi..and while you are at it, check out a few of my favorite posts:

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  1. Kay says:

    I think using colored tape would add a great finishing touch. It is a really cute craft project for munchkins for sure.

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