Day 3:Halloween Countdown Review:Decorating

Here are just a few snippets from our decorating adventure yesterday..and yes, i say adventure (because isn’t doing ANYTHING with 4 kids an adventure?! How is your countdown going?

I want to pin your countdown experiences to my newest Pinterest board..I thought this would be such a fun way to see how everyone is following through with the activities and even how different people created their actual house (adding stickers and gadgets instead of activities!). You can either leave a comment with a link to your post about the countdown/activities and I will run over and pin it..or you can email me at kikicreates at gmail dot com and I will do it from there! Remember, even if you don’t do every activity, you can make so many fun memories with your family this month. There is nothing better in life than making fun memories with those who matter most..(did that sound Hallmark-ish!):)

Tonight we are making spooky spiders. Can’t wait to show you tomorrow.:)

It’s not too late to start the Halloween Countdown. You can find it here (along with a pack of printables that will make it much quicker to put together!) Find all 31 activities with links of ideas HERE.

One thought on “Day 3:Halloween Countdown Review:Decorating

  1. Love it! I see you have the version that I did of your great haunted house there already. My little guy loves it – thanks again 🙂

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