Olympics 30 Day Challenge


Hi everyone, it’s Josh here from Redline Resistance and I am so excited because February, every four years means one thing…the Olympics are here!! What a cool event to experience every 2 years (between the Winter and Summer) and while I favor more sports in the Summer games, I love the stories, competitions and spirit of both versions of the Games. It is the one time every 2 years that I really mess up my sleep schedule as I stay up late to watch the primetime events.  Somehow, I even get into the figure skating competitions!  I love to see how these athletes perform under the immense pressure that the Games put on them as they have been training their whole lives for this one moment and if there is any sport where there is such a small margin of error between the Gold medal and 10th place, it is in Figure Skating where the athletes spin and jump and fly around on a razor blade strapped to their shoes. Another reason that I like the Winter Olympics is due to the timing of it.  If I have failed to adhere to my New Year’s resolutions, the Winter Olympics get me pumped up about my goals and inspired to be my best self and I find myself reasserting my resolve to be better.

With all that being said, if you find yourself in a situation in the next couple weeks while the Games go on and you don’t know where to start with your fitness related goals, get online and come join the “Resistance”. And no, the Resistance isn’t some politically charged rogue Russian front that is trying to stick it to Putin.  Instead, it refers to Redline Resistance, an online fitness site designed around home based workouts. It brings core cardio to you whoever you are, whether it is a traveling business person, a stay at home parent or a serious athlete looking to add a core fitness element to their regimen. In conjunction with the Olympics, we are starting an “Olympic” 30 day challenge where we will replicate training methods for several of the Olympic athletes. Stop by and check it out and have a great 2014 Sochi Olympic experience!

Are you looking forward to the Olympics? Which event is YOUR favorite?

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