Strawberry Petit Fours {recipe}


Sorry I am posting late this week…I’ve been feeling a little under the weather along with most of my family, but I’m back!

Say hello to a dang cute little Valentine treat that comes together in a FLASH!  I do appreciate all the heart-shaped treats floating around, but these are just a bit different!  It’s a  little take on the chocolate covered strawberry, a Valentines favorite.  Enjoy!  


Strawberry Petit Fours

You will need the white chocolate oreos {or you can dip your own oreos…I used white chocolate candy coating}. Then spread a layer of wildberry or any other berry cream cheese (I used strawberry) , top it with a half a strawberry— and finish it off with a drizzle of choclate (melted semisweet chocolate chips).

Recipe Source:  just a little adaptation from the back of the White Chocolate Oreo Box 🙂