Today You are YOU! {Words to Remember 3.3} new printable

This is a new series I will be doing in 2014 in collaboration with Redline Resistance. Get going on your goals and stick with them and keep these prints around to motivate you. Each Monday will be a new print and phone wallpaper to download for 99 cents.  

This week slipped by so fast! I know this was suppose to go up Monday, but we will celebrate that it went up at all! Ha! I love me some Dr. Seuss quotes that are inspirational. I have 2 more for you this month since we celebrate his birthday this month..for today, one of my favorite:

One thing that I am super passionate about is being an individual. Knowing WHO YOU ARE and how very special that is, is key to being successful and feeling good about yourself. There was a time in my life where I hadn’t figured that out yet. I thought I wanted to be more like my friends that like me and it led to some unhappy days and months. When I finally stopped caring what everyone around me thought and really figured out who I was and that I was comfortable in my own skin, a lot of happy times followed. The hard decisions to make weren’t so hard anymore and the confidence I gained from making those choices by myself really shaped me and my views.



and that’s what makes this world so amazing.

As always, you can grab these 2 5×7 prints, and 2 phone wallpapers for the always cheap 99 cents.


Find these 5×7 prints and phone wallpaper HERE.

See you Monday for the next print!