You have brains in your head {new printable} Words to Remember 3.4

This is a new series I will be doing in 2014 in collaboration with Redline Resistance. Get going on your goals and stick with them and keep these prints around to motivate you. Each Monday will be a new print and phone wallpaper to download for 99 cents.  

Happy Monday! I have 2 more Dr. Seuss quotes for you this month before we go onto April. This week is another fun one that is uber popular (which of his quotes isn’t though!):). What I love about this quote is that is talks about the impact that WE have in our own life. WE decide what and where we will take our lives. Each decision we make (whether big or small) gets us a step closer or farther from our goals and the sum of our decisions really make up who we are.  This print will be going in my kids room. That concept is SO important for them to understand from a young age!

This week the prints come with a gold or coral accent, but remember that each order comes with both 5×7’s and a phone wallpaper of each for just 99 cents!

Find these 5×7 prints and phone wallpaper HERE.