Year of Free Printables- 2012

year of free printables 2012 at kiki and company

It's been another year..can you believe it? Here is the rundown of 53 free printables from Kiki and Company from 2012. Thanks for making it our best yet! January Calendar Be Mine Valentine Free Kids Valentines I love you cards February Calendar Valentines Take 2 4 am wakeup jar You are the (blank) to my (blank) Valentines download Spring Notes Strengthen Bottlecap … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!

merry christmas

I just wanted to pop in and wish you all a Merry Christmas. This last few days and the next few weeks will be much needed family time as we ring in the new year, but before that wanted to make sure you knew just how much each of you mean to me. A few years ago I had a dream. I didn't know where it would take me or who it would introduce me to, but it has surpassed it by a million! Thank you for … [Read more...]

DIY Glittered Reindeer

cute reindeer decoration

A few weeks ago, we got a large box in the mail and after seeing this sweet little reindeer at Good Housekeeping,I knew I wanted to try it out. The template they give you is easy to follow and after cutting everything out, I simply sprayed the backside of each piece with a gold spray paint..and used mod podge and gold glitter on the front. I placed it in the wreath and wired it in. Easy to … [Read more...]

Give the gift of a print!

give prints as gifts. perfect for quick and cheap presents

I have people ask me all of the time what print would be a perfect gift for what occasion. They ask if I have a print for one thing or another, and I realized that I haven't even shared with you my favorite picks for Christmas. The gift of a print is a perfect gift for so many things. I find that words on paper often say things that I feel in my heart, but can't express with my mouth. And so I … [Read more...]

Awarding the Best Lights Display in Town! {Christmas Countdown}

awarding the best christmas lights in our city! SO FUN. great family christmas activity. #christmas

We have been having such a great time making memories this Christmas season with our Christmas Countdown house! Last night, I quickly hit the store and grabbed 3 boxes of flavored candy canes and we hit the town looking for the best lights display around. We had Christmas tunes blasting as we oohed and ahhhhed over all of the lights and each one of my older children picked their favorite. We … [Read more...]