Thanksgiving Table Decor: Blessed and Thankful Silverware Holders

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So excited to have you all with me this week! I’ve got some really fun projects that I made using my Cricut Explore machine that you can follow along and make too! This month for the Cricut Design Star Contest the theme was “Celebrations” and our team chose to have the theme “On the Table and Dreaming”. What is that, you ask? Well, we wanted to explore different ideas that you can put on your table throughout the year…from baby showers to holidays and everything in between.

I chose to do a Thanksgiving table and I’m really excited about how it all came together! I have  a few different ideas for you, so I hope you’ll come back each day to see them!

Isn’t that so fun and cheerful?!

First off, we are going to talk about the Blessed and Thankful Silverware Holders.

They are SUPER easy to make and require the following:

Cricut Explore

Blessed and Thankful Design File

Paper in 2 colors & glue!

That’s it!

To use, I opened up the files I designed  in Cricut Design Space.

Get it sized to where you want it and cut it out.

After taking off the outside (with the words), proceed to cut the insert.

Finish by folding the outside and gluing the insert on to the back of the the front. Glue the two sides together and you are done!

The file comes with both the Thankful version:

and the Blessed version:

Aren’t those SO fun?!

Put your silverware into the holders and place on top of a napkin on the plate. By being able to use any color, you can really personalize these to fit into your own decor and settings.

I LOVE the thought of decorating my table and adding reminders (Blessed and Thankful) to remember just how I am feeling on that day. Of course you could use these for other things too, think “Thank you” dinners or celebrations such as Baptisms, Anniversaries, etc.

To make this project SUPER easy, use your Cricut Explore is SO easy to use and make your favorite projects in just minutes!

Cricut has some really fun deals going on right now. Check this one out:

This week, get your mystery on! The September Mystery Box is here, plus a mystery deal. Plus, save $50 to $100 on Cricut Explore™ machine bundles. Last but not least, get Free shipping on all orders! Simply enter code MYSTERSHIP at checkout.


Check out some of these other amazing ideas from my team and I’ll see you back tomorrow for the next project!

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When Life Gives You Lemons..MAKE LEMONADE! {New prints}

This last spring, I went to SNAP conference (It’s a blogging conference) and heard Alex Boye sing this song. He hadn’t released it yet, but it STUCK WITH ME. I couldn’t wait until it came out on Itunes and NOW IT HAS! You can find it HERE. But the message of the song is what stuck with me.

There are so many lessons that I want to teach my kids about life. I love teaching them through words, but I mostly love teaching them through example. This is a lesson that I think EVERY KID needs to learn:

Yes, we have all heard it before, When life gives you lemons…make lemonade.

Have you had lemons? I know I have! Let’s remind our kids that lemons ARE going to come into our lives. It’s necessary for growth, for change and for improvement. Sometimes we bring those lemons on ourselves, but most times, I think they just come. BUT the lesson comes in HOW WE DEAL WITH THEM!

Let’s teach them how to MAKE LEMONADE out of them.

What does that mean? As we experience trials, road bumps, or BIG potholes in life, take a step back and look at the big picture. As we see our lemons for what they are, we can learn how we can LEARN from them..and USE them to help improve, mold and sweeten us to become better! Looking back at times in my life where I have struggled, I can see how those times have made me a more empathetic, kind, and loving person. Experiences in life  that we have, unique or not, make us and change us. How we deal with them will make us better or bitter. Let’s choose the better and teach our kids how to do the same.

I’m hanging these up in my new home to help my kids remember to make lemonade out of the lemons in their life. I’m hoping the visual reminder with stick with them. :)

You can get your own set (which will each include a 5×7 and 8×10 of each of the prints in digital form) by clicking HERE to get to my shop!

Happy Lemonade making!




Mom Tags Necklace {Cricut Design Star Round 2} free printable

Cricut Design Space Star

I am so excited to show you my first project today for the Cricut Design Star..ROUND 2! First of all, let me say how amazing the Cricut Explore is..I have been having so much fun playing with it for the last little bit.  Now on to the project.

Our group chose Military as the theme for the Fashion/Gear week. I have to be REALLY honest. I had to stretch my brain to think of something to do. A few days ago I was with my kids and just thinking about how much I love to have them with me all of the time. I love our time together so I thought I’d make a fun little Mom Tags Necklace (instead of Dog Tags) with my kids names on them to wear around.

You guys, this machine is amazing! I designed these mini dog tags up and cut them out, but the best thing about this machine is that I also, at the same time, had it draw the names and designs that I wanted on it. Look at how cute they are:

 I love seeing their names there and seeing them reminds me how lucky I am to be their mom.

You can see the size I made them while they are in my hand and I think they would even be cute smaller as well! And the best thing about the Explore is that you can design them in Cricut Design Space and make them any size you want!

I cut them out on a really thick and shiny silver cardstock and cut one for the back of each as well.

I glued them together and then I took a layer of clear vinyl and cut the dog tag shape out again and placed it right on top on the front and back. I finished the sides with a quick silver marker run over them and I’m just in love with how they turned out!

I also thought these could be super cute for birthday parties (think boy’s party favors) or even cute “best friends” necklaces for little girls…the possibilities are endless!

To download the Mom Tag file in SVG format, click HERE.

To download the Mom Tag file in PDF format, click below:

Mom Tags Necklace

To see more projects from my amazing group, see below:


Cricut Design Space Star

This is my entry for the Second Round of the Cricut Design Space Star. Even though I am not being paid for this post, there is a chance I may win a prize as part of the contest.

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