A Mother’s Influence {free printable}

Well, Mother’s Day is Sunday! I ran across this quote and just fell in love with it!

Not only did I experience this growing up with the mother I was blessed to be given, but I have felt the influence of so many “mothers” in my life.  I have heard from some friends how much they don’t like Mother’s Day because they feel guilty for not being the perfect mom. I also have friends who don’t like it because they don’t have children. All I can say to ALL MOTHERS everywhere..whether you have borne children or not is exactly that. YOU are a mother. We mother a child every time we talk to one, hug one, help one feel loved and let them know how special they are.  And regardless of  your station in life, I hope you can appreciate that role and blessing that each of us has to influence a child for good or for bad! There is NO influence so powerful as that of being a influence for good, knowing that none of us are perfect, but each of us have in us the ability to nurture, love, and influence for good.

You can download one or all of the 5 colors HERE!

And here is a sweet little video to remind you just how amazing you are:

“Life doesn’t come with a manual…it comes with a Mother.” (I love this.)

Happy Mother’s Day!

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