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Superhero Dad! {free download}

Last year I released this free Superhero’s set for Father’s Day.  It has received so much attention, I wanted to put it out there again for those who may not have seen it last year. It was previously available only to those who signed up for my newsletter, but I am changing gears again and will not be doing the newsletter any more, so I definitely needed to get you the links to these! Paper Tots has been a fun series I have done in the last year that has been wildly popular thanks to you!

As with my other Paper Tots sets, this set has a lot of extras that will make it a perfect addition to any of your Father’s Day creations.

There are coupon books for dad and grandpa:

and later this week, I will show how others have used them for birthdays as well!

I printed the coupons out for my kiddos and they went to town with a gift for my hubby.

With the set comes a front and back cover..I just simply sewed one side up and called it good!

You can also get the free print to decorate with..perfect for any dad:

and cards to go along with it as well..just add washi tape and one of your superhero tots!

I hope you enjoy this set..and in particular..making the dad in your life feel like a superhero!

You can find ALL the free printables by clicking on the link below:

Superhero Father’s Day 

In return for taking these free files, I ask that you “like” my facebook page or follow me on Pinterest. Thanks so much!

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32 thoughts on “Superhero Dad! {free download}

  1. Mandy says:

    I love these and want to use them. I signed up for your newsletter and I can’t get them to download on my computer. So I’m still not able to use them. Any tips?

  2. Karyn Manor says:

    These are awesome! We are doing a superhero themed Father’s Day for my hubby and these are timely! I can’t seem to get them downloaded, but will keep trying cause they are sooooo dang cute! Thank you for sharing your great work!

  3. Sinead says:

    Your superhero tots are fabulous! Will the download be available for purchase before Father’s Day? I also love your Star Wars themed tots!

  4. Melissa says:

    ABSOLUTELY darling! Thank you!!!!!

  5. Wendy Gray says:

    I am a facebook follower and was so excited to come across this post on there last week. My daughter is having a baby boy, due in September. Their nursery theme is super hero and we would love to have permission to use these darling images to decorate with. Do you sell your files so that we might be able to have them printed on a larger scale (we’re thinking no larger than 12×12″)? We would also love to use the print without the last line (we know him as dad) to have blown up in his room as well.
    If you could contact me with pricing and/or availability, I’d appreciate it.
    Wendy Gray

    1. admin says:

      hi wendy,
      email me at kikicreates at gmail dot com and we can talk pricing there! thanks so much!:)

      1. Wendy Gray says:

        I emailed you a few weeks ago and still haven’t heard back. Did you receive it? Thanks!

  6. Gabrielle says:

    I absolutely love these downloadable printouts. Thank you so very much for sharing your talents and
    gifts with us 🙂 Such an amazingly awesome idea!

  7. JANESKE says:

    is this downloadable still available?

    1. Kiki Comin says:

      Yes! You can get them right here:


  8. Khimmy says:

    Hi Kiki,
    I’ve an issue downloading these wonderful work from mediafire. Is there any alternative download method? Wanted to prepare this in time for the impending Father’s Day! Cheers!

    1. Kiki Comin says:

      hi khimmy,

      i will repost them next week and upload them straight to my site. look for them then.thanks!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Good evening Kiki,
    I would love to print this for Father’s Day for my husband from my daughter. At the present time, she’s an only child. So I’m wondering if you can change the sentiment on the print to read “he is MY superhero?”
    Really appreciate it!
    Thank You

    1. Kiki Comin says:

      Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for writing. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to change things up for free. If you’d like to pay me a change fee to do that, you can email me at [email protected] and I’d be happy to help you out there. Thanks! 😉

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Or “I know him as Dad?”

  11. michelle says:

    how can I get this?

    1. Kiki Comin says:

      MIchelle, just click on the link at the end of the post and it will take you right to them! thanks.

  12. Michelle says:

    Hi Kiki! What great resources you have! I am interested in the superhero paper tots. Are those available for printing without the watermark?

    1. Kiki Comin says:

      Hi Michelle, Because it is a freebie, you have permission to print, but the watermark is on the paper for copyright reasons….to remind you not to sell. 🙂 print away!

  13. Kristen says:

    These are GREAT!!! I would really like to use your superhero graphic on my bulletin board for this year. I can’t get the link to print them. Can you help me?
    Thanks so much,

    1. Kiki Comin says:

      Hey Kristen, You can find the link to download these at the bottom of the post here:

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