Father’s Day Superhero Set {Free Download}

Paper Tots have certainly been taking up a large part of my blog lately, but with upcoming Father’s Day, I had a flash of inspiration one night when thinking of words that described by husband..and from there, the ideas kept coming!

Today I am releasing this fun and FREE Paper Tots set just in time for Father’s day (because aren’t all of the dads in our lives superheroes?):

As with my other Paper Tots sets, this set has a lot of extras that will make it a perfect addition to any of your Father’s Day creations.

First, I will show you the coupon book that will come with the set. There will be two different types of pages in the book…a coupon page, and a “you are my superhero because…” page.

I put a book together for my kids to give to their dad for Father’s Day..

and I am loving how it is turning out.

Their personalities are showing through with their answers..this is my 6 year old..who LOVES his dad AND sonics peppermints they give (can you tell?!). I cannot tell you how much he must love his dad to give him one of his candies.:)

This is my 8 year olds:

Aren’t those so sweet?! To assemble the book, I simply printed out each page, cut them out and sewed them together. The set does come with a cover and back page to finish it off. And guess what? I didn’t forget Grandpa either! This set has a “you are my superhero because..” pages and cover pages for Grandpa too.

In the next few days, I will show more ideas on how to use this set (this post is already long enough!), but I did want to show two more projects that you can download over at Today’s Creative Blog today! Why over there? Well, I am happy to announce that I will be contributing over at Kim’s blog monthly with free printables both on her blog and facebook page. You can head over to grab a coordinating print that goes with the set:

And a card you can personalize in any way…this one was made with simple washi tape within the the pattern on this one.

This download has a front and an inside.

So how do you get this Father’s Day set? Simply click on the link below:

Superhero Father’s Day Set

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