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This week I am so excited to bring you some of my favorite quotes from last week’s general conference. For those of you who don’t know, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Two times a year we get an opportunity to listen to the prophet and apostles who speak on a variety of topics. Each conference is so different, but there is never a time I don’t come away feeling uplifted and a greater desire in my heart to go and BE better.  Each day this week, I will bring you one of my favorite quotes..(thanks to all of you who gave me YOUR favorite quotes via facebook!)

The quote today came from a talk given by Sister Elaine S. Dalton entitled “We are Daughters of Our Heavenly Father”. I loved her saying that “As daughters of God we are each unique and different in our circumstances and experiences. And yet our part matters—because we matter.” I have been a little disturbed as of lately (as in the last few years) by the constancy of women who don’t feel they are equal to men.  I am not denying that there aren’t men who feel it necessary to put down and make women feel unequal, but I also know in my mind and heart that they are wrong, just as wrong as I think it is for women to put down and make men feel unequal.  It has also been made so clear in my mind and heart though, through experiences as a wife, mother, friend, sister,etc…that we really ARE different. Our roles as wives, mothers, friends, etc. are set out so clearly.  I don’t feel like we have to be the same to be equal. We don’t have to hold the priesthood to be equal in God’s or anyone else’s eyes, we don’t have to hold the same callings in church as them, we don’t have to have everything like them…because we are not men. As women, I feel so blessed to have the gifts and abilities that God has given me. Raising both boys and a girl and seeing the natural differences between my husband and myself, I see first hand the differences that each of us have. We are made to compliment one another. Somehow in all of this, I think women have not realized that by fighting so vehemently for one thing, they put down another’s choice.  For example, I love that there are women in the workplace. Is that what I have chosen to do? No. But I am happy and proud of those who feel like that is the best choice for them. I have chosen to put my career on hold right now to raise my children. Does this make me second class because I feel the best influence I can be right now is in my home?  Of course not!  You see, more than anything, I think the quote today is true for each of us, women AND men. No matter where our choices in this life lead us, we can explore and find our potentials in each of those places. Just because I am a stay at home mom doesn’t mean I only clean, cook and wipe noses all day (though sometimes it feels that way!):) There are so many ways to improve and stretch ourselves to be a beacon and light to the world in whatever we choose to do. And that is what I think Sister Dalton was telling us:

We all have a clear and important role in God’s eternal plan. One is not greater than the other and we are taught that throughout our lives (or at least I have been) that without one another we cannot be whole. One who has been through the temple and made those covenants with God can also SEE CLEARLY the divine potential that each of us has. And so whatever society and your station in life labels you as…a homemaker, a mother, a teacher, a CEO, an analyst, a father, priesthood holder, bishop, relief society president, nursery leader, sunday school teacher, etc. (and yes, we may have more than one or five of these), be the best at it that you can..and quit judging those who choose differently or because of the cards dealt in life they adapt to survive. Instead, let’s use the gifts we have been given and the opportunities to serve to bless those who need it around us.  More than anything though, we can know that each of us are daughters and sons of our Heavenly Father who loves each of us…and if we ACT WELL according to THAT knowledge, then we will see that the differences that are around us and the unique opportunities that those differences afford us make us stronger and better able to fulfill God’s individual plan for each of us and as a whole!

Okay, rant over. I think you can tell that I feel passionately for certain things (even though I don’t always let you see those here on the blog!);) I love the message of this quote today and hope you will share it too with others!

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