You Go, Girl Free Notes

you go girl notes


Did you know that today is “You GO girl!” Day? I couldn’t let the day end without telling you how awesome you are. You ever get to the end of the day and look back and wish things went a little different? Whether it be an interaction with your kid or a job you didn’t want to be at…whatever it is, I hope you know and feel how needed you are. That you realize that whatever it is that you are doing to change the world (whether you realize it or not) is so important. I made a few different color ways of this print that I made into little free notes. I hope you will go print it off, cut them out and put them in your purse. When you see a fellow woman or girl who needs a little lift or a little pat on the back, give her one! There is so much that is working to divide us as women in the world, let’s work on encouraging one another. You are the BEST! You go, girl.


To grab this freebie, click HERE!


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