March 2015 General Women’s Meeting Printables {free printables}

It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year! I adore the General Women’s Meeting that we had last weekend and LOVE General Conference weekend as well! For those who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, two times a year, we meet together as an entire church to be taught by our leaders. It is a time of reflection and learning and for me a time to reevaluate my goals and see where I need to improve.

Last weekend all of the women of the church gathered together for a great meeting where we were taught by the leaders of the female organizations within the church and the whole meeting was AMAZING. If you haven’t see it, take the 90 minutes and watch it! IT really made me grateful to be a woman and a mother. You can watch it HERE.  After listening to the talks, I couldn’t wait to make up some printables to remember some of the lessons taught. I hope you enjoy!

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To download the printables, click on each of the links! Thanks.


The Family is of God

General Womens Meeting-The family is of God

Families are the Lord’s Workshop

General Womens Meeting- Families are the Lord's Workshop

Do Not Bury Your Testimony

General Womens Meeting-Do not bury your testimony

We Should Make Our Homes Places of Order

General Womens Meeting- We should make our homes places of order, refuge, holiness and safety

If It’s The Lord’s Plan

General Womens Meeting-The Lord's Plan

Heavenly Father has a mission and a plan

General Womens Meeting-Heavenly Father has a mission and a plan for each of us


Come Unto Me

General Womens Meeting-Come unto me all ye that labour

Bear One Another’s Burdens

General Womens Meeting- Bear one another's burdens


Joy Always Come After Sorrow

General Womens Meeting-Joy always comes after sorrow

Homemaker: Maker of Righteous Homes

General Womens Meeting- Homemaker

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