Printable Christmas Stockings

Today  I am so excited to share with you some fun Printable Christmas Stocking that you can make for so many things this season.

Christmas Stockings from kiki and company

This stocking can be so fun as a holder of small treats and gift cards or as a sweet addition to a garland. This would even be a really fun project for your kiddos to put together.

Christmas Stockings from kiki and company. Super Cute!

To make the stocking is super simple!


  • Free printables
  • glue
  • scissors
  • coordinating paper




  1. Download, Print and Cut out the stocking fronts.
  2. Using coordinating paper, cut out a back to the stocking.
  3. Glue hanger inside stocking by gluing it into a loop.
  4. Glue paper on back around the stocking and not on the top!
  5. Fill with anything you want to!

Christmas Stockings from kiki and company. Fun!

I even added a name tag to the stocking to make it personalized.

Christmas Stockings from kiki and company. Love this!

You can see here I added mine to a sweet little garland, but you could put it on the tree (my grandma use to do this for us on Christmas morning and fill it with money!), use it as a gift card holder and more!

Christmas Stockings from kiki and company. So fun!

To download this freebie, click on the link below:

Christmas Stockings

I hope you have the merriest Christmas around.I hope you take part in some of the fun things we have going on in here like…a fun COLORING contest...for both you and your littles…with some fun prizes to win. Come and check it out!

christmas coloring contest with prizes at kiki and company

Or if you need any last minute decor or gifts, check out my most popular Christmas Prints:

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