Because Kids Live There

For all of you who deal with all of the ups and downs of parenthood. For all of you who wonder if you can make it another day doing the same things over and over again. For all of you who see your babies growing into toddlers and teens and then flying away in what seems like just a second. I hope you enjoy this sweet post by my contributor, Angie, and feel and know that the work you are doing in your families is the most important work in the world.-kiki

Because kids live there, you might set your elbow in something sticky.  You might find broken fish crackers in the couch cracks or try to eat an apple but discover it already has a tiny bite out of it. If you wanted to, you could play leapfrog with the carpet stains. You wouldn’t want to bring red lipstick over though, because it would just end up with teeth marks in it and then probably smeared on the newest curtains in the house.  Because kids live there.

Because kids live there, you would find Dad having the soles of his shoes replaced for the third time.  He’d pick them up when they are done in his ’94 Corolla.  But he’d make sure that Mom has a nice van to drive with plenty of room for car seats and sweaty-headed kids. It’d have all kinds of cup holders to house forgotten petrified nuggets and wads of gum.  He’d do that, because kids live there.
Because kids live there, you might hear exasperated voices get much too loud. See Little egos bruise and hear the sound of Mom’s patience ripping right down the seam.  If you were quiet and careful, you would observe kids stalking to their rooms with knitted brows and Mom sitting on the edge of her own bed – vacant eyes rimmed in tears.  You might guess what she’s thinking.  She’s wondering if she’s doing a good enough job and if she has it in her to push repeat and do it all again tomorrow.
You’d probably leave the room when you saw her kneel to pray, but if you lingered near the door, you would hear her whisper things like, “I’m sorry.  Help me to be better tomorrow.  I can’t do it alone.”  You might wonder how this all happened.  How a sunny day could cloud over so quickly.  She’s likely wondering the same thing.  In a moment, she’ll rise from the prayer, and softly knock on closed doors and ask, “May I come in?”  Because kids live there.

If you cared to stay for 18-25 years, you would see God reveal himself in full under that roof.  Hearts would be tested and changed.  You would witness Father and Mother commit and recommit to love one another.  To make a house a home.  To provide a safe and soft nest to raise their little flock.  There would still be setbacks and heartaches to be sure.  Dark, dark days.  And days of sparkling joy.  Days so bright you’d squint just remembering them.  Through it all, God’s purposes would be fulfilled.  They are learning to love one another more than self and more than life.  Because kids live there.

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