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Halloween Doll House

This year as I was trying to think of a new project I could share for Halloween, I thought of one of my daughter’s big obsessions right now…doll houses…and then decided to make one for Halloween! Do your kiddos love playing with figures/animals/objects and they ALWAYS have to have a house?! Okay, maybe it is just mine, but a house is always a must…

Halloween Doll House from kiki and company

How cute is that?! My daughter loves to sit and play with this and LOVES that it is all Halloween themed. (I may have to make a few more of these for different holidays coming up!)

Halloween Doll House from kiki and company. My kids will love this!

The house is super easy to put together and for an older child, might be a really fun project for a day. There are so many ways you can customize it, so let’s get right to it!


  • Free Printables
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • optional-cardboard base, any details you want to add to the house



  1. Download, Print and Cut out the free Halloween Dollhouse printables.
  2. First we will put together the house. Score along each of the tabs and fold along the vertical lines on the house.
  3. Starting at the bottom, glue tabs to the house and work your way to the top where you will have a house shape. Halloween Doll House from kiki and company. The inside!
  4. Glue the inside details in.
  5. Put the floor in by scoring the tabs, fold the orange tab upward and glue to match the orange pattern. Fold the two sides down and glue on the sides of the house.
  6. To make the roof, lay it on the top where you want it and measure to where you need to fold it. Glue it on and move onto the next part until the whole roof is done. There will be extra, just trim it at the end.
  7. To make the figures stand up, cut out the rectangles and the bases. Cut on the line and put them together.Halloween Doll House from kiki and company. SO fun!
  8. Then make it your own. You can see how I used Popsicle sticks to make a fence and a piece of cardboard to make a tree. I also glued the house to the cardboard to make it more sturdy. Halloween Doll House from kiki and company. LOVE!
  9. You are done! Let your kiddos play and play and play!


Halloween Doll House from kiki and company. super cute!
In addition to the Halloween Doll House Printables, I have a free simple Happy Halloween garland.

happy halloween sign from kiki and company

Hope your Halloween is filled with happy memories!


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