Halloween Vampire Candy Wraps

Halloween is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited! Today I am over at The Crafting Chicks sharing these super fun Halloween Vampire Candy Wraps that are sure to be a hit this holiday!

Vampire Candy Wrap from kiki and company at the crafting chicks. SO cute!

Vampire Candy Wrap from kiki and company at the crafting chicks

I’d love to see you over there where you can grab the free printables and the instructions to make them!


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2 thoughts on “Halloween Vampire Candy Wraps

  1. lourdes garcia says:

    I just found your web page,
    I ahve to tell you that you are brilliant and I admire the wonderful mind you have to create such things!
    I am a mother of two boys, we live in Mexico and we spent a couple of hours reviewing the material you have and they went crazy and they want me to print evrything and glue them in our house!
    thanks for everything you share, congratulations for being so creative your designs are incredible!!

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