It’s a quick tip: Baby

The rest of this week, I will be giving some quick tips for baby gifts! Recently, I just became an aunt 2 times..and both times to a baby girl! In our family, the odds are not good that you will have a girl. On both sides (my husband’s and mine), there are 13 grandchildren..both have 9 boys and 4 girls…so it was about time for girls!  When putting together a baby gift for one of them, I thought it might be fun to show how I put together a personal, but quick gift.


Stitching on felt is forgiving. Felt is already thick enough that you don’t have to have an embroidery hoop if you don’t have one. Simply figure out what you want to stitch on some coordinating felt, stitch it with embroidery thread, then stitch it with a machine on to whatever you are giving.

Here is a cute onesie I found..and this one I just free stitched (no pattern..just went for it).

Here I made a quick quilt from 2 charm packs (took me an hour start to finish..maybe I should throw together a tutorial on that!)..this particular niece was named after her late grandmothers birth place..just spelled a bit different..so I cut out the shape of California and added her name. A sweet reminder of why she was named what she was named!

And you can see that these are not exactly the same, but both still equally cute…another plus since I love to add some homemade goodness with store bought goodness when giving a gift!

Have you ever tried your hand out at embroidery?

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