Summer Road Games {free download}

Last year, I debuted this free road game set for kids, but it was for newsletter subscribers only….so today it is for all of you!  It is tried and tested and a proven fun game set for kids while on the road this summer.

This pack of games consists of 6 printables.


This is very self explanatory. When your kidlet finds one of the pictures they can add a sticker, candy, mark over it, etc. and when they get a blackout, have a special treat/toy just for them.


I love this idea..especially for older kids. Simply print a few of these out and let them watch the cars pass. They can draw out the license plate and color it in. Make it rewarding by having a surprise when they hit milestones (10 states, 20 states, etc)

I will print out what the license plates look like for them from HERE.

I found this super cute map of the U.S. from Mr. Printables that I will give them with the license plates so they can color and see where that car came from!


A fun game to play with pairs.


A fun way for kids to record their adventures in the car, camping and there is even a blank one that they can draw and fill in as they please. There are 3 designs of these.

This download was once for newsletter subscribers, but is now for everyone!

You can download these freebies by clicking on the link below:

Summer Road Games

Remember, if you take the files just be sure to like my facebook page or follow me on pinterest!

Have a happy summer on the road.:)


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