Thanksgiving Table Placecards and Wraps


I am so excited for Thanksgiving this year. We FINALLY have family that lives in town, so we get to get together with them. There is nothing better than family + food, right?! Well, this week, I am at a few of my favorite blogs sharing some printables for Thanksgiving and thought it would be fun to give you some printables here as well to decorate your table with!

Free Printable Thanksgiving Dinner Printables at kiki and company.

Today, I am giving you 2 different files, a black and white Acorn Tent and Wrap and then a Color Acorn Tent and Wrap. I LOVE having bits of gold all around me in my decorations, so the black and white version can be quickly turned into bits of gleaming gold with the Minc Machine. Have you heard of it?

In just 3 minutes, I turned a black and white (toner ink) print into these gleaming gold masterpieces! Heidi Swapp came up with this product this last year and it is incredible! By simply placing your print in the plastic sleeve, adding the gold foil and sending it through the machine, you will end up with these.

acorn table decor


I also made some brown/tan/olive green tents and wraps for those that don’t have access to a Minc machine. To fold the tent with the acorn sticking up, simply use an exacto knife to cut around the top of the leaf first, then fold on the line. The leaf will then stick up!

acorn table decor 2

To download the Tents and Wraps, click HERE.

I hope you have the Happiest Thanksgiving and know how grateful I am that you come around here! 😉

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