the duvet:a quick tutorial.. and a little Q & A.

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Alrighty folks..shall we get down to the nitty gritty about the duvet cover?
Here it is again, next to the inspiration piece from Urban Outfitters.
Let’s start out with the materials used:
*2- King size flat sheets.
( I got mine for $14 each from Wal-Mart. Make it as luxurious as you want by buying a high thread count sheet!)
*thrifted bedskirts, sheets and tablecloth.
*sewing machine
*LOTS of pins
*quilting marker/light washable marker
Quick directions:
1. I washed and bleached my thrifted items to make sure they were super clean before I started sewing. You can also wash and dry your sheet set.
2. Sew right sides of sheet set on 2 sides together.  I used the nice top as the top of my duvet cover. When both sides are sewed, turn it right side out and place your comforter in the duvet cover. I was making a queen size duvet cover so I had to cut down the sheet set.  I simply used a light washable marker (yellow) to make my line where it was good to sew and cut.  Remember to leave your seam allowance as well! Take your comforter out, turn it right sides together again.  Finish your edges on the side you cut, then sew together.   (Note:  I also realized when I was sewing the ruffles, that it would have been easier to sew this all together at the end..either way will work, but the ruffles are very hard to sew when the duvet cover is sewn together…believe me, I did it!):) feel free to measure it all, then do the ruffles and sew them on, then come back and sew the finished top together!
(My first mountain of ruffles..I love them!)
3.  Make a million ruffles! I know, really exact with my counting, huh?!  I feel bad I wasn’t so exact with all my measurements and numbers..I did have a whole lot to finish in 3 days!:)  I made 3 different types of ruffles: 1. I cut 9″ strips of fabric and sewed tubes, turned them right side out and ruffled them. 2.  I cut 5″ strips of fabric, finished the unfinished edges and sewed them straight down the middle, ruffling along the way, then sewed on either side of the middle line ruffling as well. 3.  I cut 4″ strips of fabric, finished the unfinished edges, and sewed down the middle, ruffling along the way.
4.  Next comes the fun part!  Lay out your ruffles on your duvet top, just as you want it, then pin it. (this is where it was difficult having the duvet cover already sewn!)
5. Sew, sew, sew.
6. Make your duvet cover closeable by adding button holes and buttons at the top, or sew ribbons at the top to close the top up!
7. Really that is all there was to it!
Q &A
1. Do you have to have a fancy machine or ruffler foot for your machine?
NO! I did this whole project on my basic I know ANYONE can do it  on any machine. I love how my straight stitch is on my machine, thus why I used this one!  I also love the uniqueness of the ruffles by doing them by hand.
2.Where did the inspiration for your bedskirt come from?
This may seem a bit strange, but it came from a girl who makes customized wedding dresses. Her site is HERE. Check out the bottom of that dress..isn’t it amazing. Totally wanted that look for the bed skirt.
3. Where did I get my lamps?
I LOVE them. I scored those babies at Home Goods. Can’t beat the prices there.:)
4. What is the color of my room?
I am renting right now, but they had an extra bucket of paint outside. It is Swiss Coffee by Glidden. It really is a nice nuetral color!
Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if you have any other questions!


See the whole room makeover HERE:

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87 Responses to “the duvet:a quick tutorial.. and a little Q & A.”

  1. Tammi

    Oh WOW!!!! I love your duvet cover and have been after something similar for quite some time now…who would of thought it would be fairly easy to make one.
    It's now on my to-do list!!!

  2. Tanielle

    Incredible job! Your hard work, paied off – it's just beautiful! Also, thanks for sharing where you picked up your lamps!

  3. Joy Taylor

    This is so beautiful! Thanks for the user-friendly tutorial, I am going to give this a try.

  4. Anne

    I actually looked at that UO duvet when I was shopping for mine but it was way out of my price range. I LOVE yours – and it's just more motivation for me to get a good sewing machine!

  5. M* {Daydream Believers}

    This is FANTASTIC! Seriously! I love this duvet! The room has a great style, Nice work! :)

  6. Lilliedale

    It's beautiful! I just dropped bucks for mine, wish I'd seen this before, I would have made my own! Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Real Life Reslers

    Wow! It turned out beautifully!

  8. Drew&Samsmom

    How beautiful!!! I love love love it!

  9. Jennifer

    You are amazing! I love this. I wish I knew how to sew. I would copy it in a heart beat. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Blue House Red Door

    Featured on my blog – this is amazing!

  11. The Teacher's Wife

    Great job!

  12. Molly

    I LOVE this! I found your blog on Tatertots and Jello and can't get over this duvet cover. I think I just got my guest room inspiration!

  13. {northern cottage}

    I've been on the hunt for a good tut on something like this…gonna make a set for my daughters room and finding yours was like hitting the JACKPOT…DING DING DING DING. Thank you for sharing – it looks so do-able!

  14. erin

    I love the little pillow with the heart on it. Am I missing where the info is on that pillow?

  15. Emily

    Making this Duvet Cover for my bed. I'll send you a link with my finished product! Thanks for the idea! 80)

  16. sheena

    i can't tell you enough how awesome this is! AMAZING job!

    i've been wanting the u.o. one forever! but don't want to pay that price.

    this i can totally do!

    thanks for sharing!

  17. Jacquie

    Thank you so much! I love it! How did you make your head board? Do you possibly have a tutorial on that?

  18. PMG Smith Family

    I absolutely LOVE this! Any tips for someone wanting to do the same thing, but for a king? Do you think king sized sheets would still be big enough?

  19. Kiera

    This is so beautiful! I have added it to my list of inspirations. Thanks!

  20. Chelsey/InspiredMama

    this is so awesome! so beautiful! i definitely want to make one for my daughter and maybe even one for my bed too! i was wondering, is this tutorial for a queen-sized duvet. i know you said you bought king sized flat sheets, i'm sorry if you posted the information elsewhere and i missed it!

  21. Steven

    I love this! I want to make one but I'm new to sewing and I have a California King Sized Bed. What size sheets would I need?

  22. Natalia

    Sorry! The above comment about what size sheets for a California King Bed was me, accidentally signed into my husband's account!

  23. * Taci *

    so beautiful I could cry!

  24. kiki comin

    Thanks for all the sweet comments. About the size of this..yes, this was for a queen size bed..I bought king size sheets just to be sure I had plenty…and I had a lot left over, so I'd say King size sheet would work great for a king size cover and if you can find california king size flat sheets, I don't see why it wouldn't work for that size as well!:) Let me know if you try it and how it works!:)

  25. KursedKiss

    Quick question….

    I am VERY new to sewing so I was wondering if you could explain a bit more on how to accomplish the ruffle effect? Also I don't exactly get what you mean by the different "types" of ruffles can you explain that a bit more as well PLEASE :D

  26. kiki comin


    Hey, thanks for asking. If you will send me your email address at kikicreates at gmail dot com, I would be happy to tell you anything you want to know. It would just be a little long for the comment section.:)

    • michelle

      I love this and want to make it. I too wld like to know what you mean by the different ruffles. Do you sew all of them into tubes, turn it out and, then ruffle? WHen you say you finished the edges does that mean you just hemmed them? If so, y did you hem some then tube and turn out the 9 in ruffles? With all the different kinds of ruffles how did you lay them out on the sheet?
      thanks for your help.

  27. TheDomesticatedBee

    Oh Em Gee. Adorable. Good work !

  28. Brook

    Gorgeous!! I just did a similar thing and made my daughter a duvet like the Cirrus duvet from Anthropologie. Love the ruffles!

  29. Margaret

    Love it! So grateful for your tutorial. Just a couple of days ago I came across a multi-coloured ruffled bedskirt that I loved and was wondering how to emulate it, and now you have given us this beautiful inspiration. Thanks so much!

  30. Gargi

    What an amazing duvet cover!! You surely deserve a pat on the back! Great work.

  31. Inspire Me Heather

    Gorgeous! Great tutorial too, I linked it to my project: bedding post too, it's all good!

  32. Heidi

    I loove it and love a great sewing project. thanks for inspiring me with your fabulous blog i am now a follower!

    visit me

  33. Jen @ Life with Jen and Ronnie

    Over here from Life Your Way. This is SO cute and you make it look SO easy! My little girl is almost 3 and this would be perfect in pink! Thanks for sharing!

  34. jojo

    bravo c est sublime ce que tu fais est grandiose bises jojo

  35. Fran

    about how long was your longest ruffle? I love this idea and my daughter just emailed your tutorial to me asking me if I could make it. And, just to be clear, you just made the ruffles with a regular sewing machine with a basting stitch to ruffle the strips? Thanks so much!

  36. Ramona

    i NEED to learn how to sew!!

  37. Anonymous

    Hey would you be willing to make me one? For the price of your materials I guess? I am in love with these duvets and will not pay the outrageous price that Urban outfitters sells them for,and I can NOT stitch for the life of me. My email address is, let me know ok? THANKS

  38. libraryfoxcreations

    I have a plain white duvet that I bought and I want to dress it up. I'm thinking about ruffles, but I don't know if I can do it. I LOVE yours!

  39. Halsey Brooks

    I absolutely love this. I am seventeen and looking for something exactly like this for my dOrm room next year. And I think i can do it! Can you please please please email me on how to do the ruffles, and any tips you have to do a twin size! My email is thank you!!!

  40. Jill

    What exactly did you mean by "finishing" the edges? If it's too long to post in comments my email is


  41. Anne

    Perfect! This pattern must be added to my duvet cover selection.

  42. Anne

    Perfect! This pattern should be added to my personal duvet cover selection.

  43. saraosti

    Hi I am wondering are interested in making one that I could purchase?

  44. saraosti

    Just wondering if you are interested in making a twin sized one to sell? Will you e-mail me? Thanks!!!

  45. jamie hansen

    Hello, Thank you for the post!!
    Q: What do you mean "finish the edges" of ruffles?

    I want to make this but worry the ruffles will fray.

    What is it you do to make sure the ruffles do not fray?

  46. Sarah

    Have you seen I ordered some material from there for a photoshoot- – but it just might work for this project too. ? Just thought I'd pass on that site in case you or someone else might want the look without quite as much effort in making the ruffles! lol. (that would be me.) Thanks for a great tutorial.

  47. Andy

    Say I really wanted one of these in a twin size but I had absolutely no time or the skills to do this. Would you ever considering making and selling these at a reasonable price?

  48. Monica

    I love yours! It's now clearanced on UO but they don't have king size (the size I need) in white anymore. But you have inspired me, I can totally make that!

  49. Anonymous

    I would love to make one of these for my dorm! I am confused about how to make the ruffles, any suggestions? Also, any general tips?

  50. diane

    You didn't REALLY sew the sheets together before you started the ruffles, did you?

  51. JenMann

    This may be a silly question, but how did you so the ruffles on the duvet? Did you hand sew them or use the machine?

  52. Twila

    I absolutely love this white duvet cover BUT with my husband it would never stay white. I would like to mix several colors randomly but do not know how that would look. Could you advise me on how to do this? I've been sewing for over 40 years so I don't think it would be too hard – it is the creative part that I get hung up on !!!
    Email address is

  53. Heidi

    I've had this project bookmarked for some time, just waiting for a chance to do it. My little girl (7) just moved into her own room and we're going to make this for her new bed, except the ruffles will end up looking like a rainbow. So excited! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  54. Johanna - Taloja ja Toiveita

    I love this! I'm crazy about ruffles!

  55. Caroline

    Hi! I'd like to feature this on Please drop me a line to let me know if that's okay.


  56. Hannah

    I LOVE THIS. Do you make them for people as well? :)

  57. jacque polaco

    What a beautiful idea! you are very creative!

  58. Aubrey

    First of all this is beautiful! Wonderful job! Just a few questions:

    1. What does “Sew right sides of sheets on two sides together” mean? What is the “right” side?

    2. Wouldn’t it be better to just take some already cut right queen sheets, sew the ruffles on one of them, then sew those two sheets together with the comforter inside? Why the king sheets? It’s just hard to find king sheets in white and I would prefer to not have a ton of wasteful material left over… or here’s another thought (I’m sorry I’m so inquisitive, just really don’t wanna mess this up.) Could I take the left over material from the king size sheets and use THAT for the ruffles and skip buying all the extra stuff? It’s funny that I’m only confused about this stuff and the ruffles don’t confuse me at all! lol here’s my email.

    Thank you so much for creating such an awesome tutorial!

  59. Donna P

    My daughter and I love the cover. We’re planning on using a white background and making the ruffles in a patterned fabric we found. I would also really appreciate more details on how you did the ruffles. I’m good with everything else but I’ve never done ruffles before.

    Thank you so much.

  60. nicole

    how much did this cost in all and was it difficult and how much time did it take?

  61. Wendy

    Thanks for the idea. I have a ton of knit ruffle scarves i made last year that didn’t sell. My daughter loves lots of color so I’m going to combine them onto a duvet for her! Easy peasey and no wasted projects!

  62. Manda

    Totally gorge duvet Miss, you manage to melt the tough girls with the ruffles somehow. It’s visually comforting even. Great tutorial btw… those dang comments really talk me outta of doing any tutorials on my own blog! I just can’t believe the.. hmmm. At least its major duvet ruffle love!

  63. Ibi

    Hello I love what you have done. I would like to know how you attached the ruffles to the duvet cover? did you machien sew or hand stitch. If you did it by machien could you just walk me through, as I cfigure out how to do this without messing up the ruffles. Thanks

  64. Hannah

    This is so beautiful!!! I am definately doing this in stead of buying a new comforter!!!

  65. ChrisA

    Thank you so much…I have been looking for something like this, I can’t wait to make one!!!

  66. Julia Orr

    Thank you so much! I would love to learn where you got your yellow and blue pillows from. Thank you very, very, much.

    • Kiki Comin

      thanks, liz! i contacted them last night. xoxo

  67. Christina

    Simple and great tutorial. Boosts my confidence to try this for my daughter.

  68. CT

    Love it!! I am thinking about making one for my bedroom! To sew the ruffles onto the duvet, did your hand sew? Thanks!

  69. Meekel

    Hi! I love this! Just have a random and probably silly question but I was curious how you actually attached the ruffles to the duvet. Did you sew the whole length of ruffle to it or just tack them to the duvet every few inches?

  70. Gina

    Van i make ruffles using gathering method instead of pushing all material through as you did? If so any thoughts?


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