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A dream dollhouse, just for her.

Another fun week, another fun project. This one was a doozy for me.  As I was out exploring the thrift stores last week, I ran smack dab into this little beauty of a dollhouse…and knew it would be a perfect doll house for my little 2 year old to use now and it is almost 6 feet tall! did not quite look like the above picture, nor this:

Here are the before/after shots!  Can you believe it is the same dollhouse!!

It literally took me 2 full days just to get this thing prepped and painted in order for it to be able to be decoupaged!  I got a little nervous in the end with time..but it all worked out, and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Enjoy a few of the details:

Yes, I decoupaged every single one of those shingles on..thank heavens for a helpful husband who brushed all the glue on while I placed and glued the pieces on.  There were a lot of pieces!:)

This was by far my favorite wall. It was the first one I did…and yes, each of those little gray designs is a little piece..each stuck on and placed by hand.  LOVE how it turned out.

The chevron design is 3 inch x 1/2 inch pieces of paper that were matched up and made into the pattern…and yes, I even sewed little curtains on there!

I made our family into a little cartoon..just a fun little detail that my little girl already loves looking at and pointing to everyone’s faces..and of course a little fabric rug to warm up that wood floor!

I love the little butterfly corner..and the flowers add a bit more whimsy!
and I will leave you with a parting shot of the roof!
I’m so glad I took the time to try a new medium for me out on this hidden treasure. It really was so much fun..and certainly has MANY hours of play in its future!
Thank you so much for voting for my project!  Cannot wait until next week!
pictures by Sweet As Honey Photography.

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