Mothers, YOU are doing God’s work! {Free Printable}

My dear fellow mothers. There are a few things that I am so passionate about. But let me start with yesterday.

Yesterday started out like a usual day. I was up at 5:10 to go running and home to work for a bit before my kiddos woke up. And then it just happened. I am potty training my 3 year old right now and HE WILL NOT GO POO on the potty! I had just gotten out of the shower and he came running in with nothing on. He ran in my closet and yelled “Mom!” I went to see what he needed and had gone to the bathroom on the floor. It was just the start of the day and one of too many accidents that happened. You know how it goes. Being a mom all day is just exhausting. After schooling, playing, cleaning, cooking and life, when my husband walked in the door for a few seconds before dinner, I just lost it. It was a day, and it was going to be a long night too. As I slipped into bed last night, I just whispered, “I can do tomorrow better than I did today.”  And you know what? I did.

I woke up, my day got going and for a moment, it started to get crazy. Until I listened to this:

Because She Is a Mother

Go listen to it right now. It is 15 minutes of your life that will turn your day around. It changed my day and made it better.

I don’t know about you, but I need daily uplifting reminders of how important my job as a mother is. I hope you know how important you are. I hope you remember through the noise, the mess and the chaos that God sees you and loves you. I hope you soak in the happy moments, the snuggles and the accomplishments that come through raising His children and that each night as you go to bed exhausted, you remember how much you are needed. Those little (and BIG!) kiddos need YOU. You are their everything.

We all have THOSE days. But today reminded me to turn those over to God. Turn them over and turn to to Him.

Keep going mommas!
Mother quote to get you through this day! Free printable to hang wherever you need to see it!

You can download the freebie by clicking on the link below:

Mothers You Are Doing God’s Work (pdf)

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