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20 Awesome Easter Egg Ideas

My kids and I will be decorating Easter Eggs soon and as I was looking for ideas on what to do, I turned to some incredible ideas from my favorite blogs. Check these out!

Love these foil Easter Eggs

eggs 1

My Frozen obsessed daughter might die if she sees these

eggs 2

Love these confetti dipped eggs

eggs 21


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans?

eggs 3

Love all these Disney themed eggs

eggs 4

Rock Troll Easter Eggs…SO great!

eggs 5

These napkin covered eggs are amazing.

eggs 6

These teal and gold eggs make me smile.

eggs 8

LOVE the simplicity of these.

eggs 10

Any Hello Kitty fans?

eggs 11

Brilliant Emoji Eggs

eggs 12

I LOVE these. So much detail, but so perfect!

eggs 13

Seriously, these are the cutest things ever!

eggs 14

Carrot Easter Eggs

eggs 15

Love these indigo eggs.

eggs 16

For all you Pantone lovers!

eggs 17

Washi Eggs.

eggs 18

These are so sweet. I love them in those little egg cups as well!

eggs 19

Haha! I LOVE these little flamingos!

eggs 20


Can’t wait to see what we do next week. Hope your Easter Week is incredible.

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