A Year of Free Printables // 2014 edition


2014 Free Printables from Kiki and Company. Over 150 free printables in one post!

2013 is down in the books as of tonight. What an awesome year of change and growth. Of hurts and successes. It has been a full year. Thanks for taking the ride with me. I hope you enjoy this post…it is ALWAYS one of my favorites for the year. I am always amazed at how many printables I end up sharing…this year the count is over 125, but they are condensed into about 80 posts! I hope you enjoy using these over and over again and don’t forget to pin and share away! Remember that all freebies are for personal use only. I’d also LOVE it if you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest before taking the prints.Here they all are:

3 Christmas Prints

Free Christmas Prints from kiki and company. 3 different designs!



Santa Tags and StationaryFree Santa Tags and Stationary

Make a Christmas Kitchen Towel from this free template

DIY kitchen Christmas template and printable at kiki and company

Polar Bear Gift Card/Money Holder

Printable Christmas Gift Card or Money holder from kiki and company. #christmas #free

Free Christmas Tags

12 Free “Print of the Month” gift

Relax Gift Tags



Thankful and Blessed Print

New and FREE Thanksgiving print from kiki and company. LOVE this!

Project Turkey Printables

November Visiting Teaching Message

Make your own Pumpkin Shirt Template



Halloween Leaf Wreath

Kids Halloween Straws


Which Way Do You Face?


No Other Choice


Gathering Light


Magic Halloween Print


October Visiting Teaching Message 

Free Happy Halloween Print



4X6 Mini Prints 

September 2014 Women’s Meeting Printables


Halloween “Boo” Garland


Fall Flower Wreath template


Happy Halloween Garland


Printable Juice Box Covers for Halloween


Mini Fall Garlands

Free Back to School Interviews

Free School Photo Signs

Printable King and Queen Crowns


 Mom Tags Necklace Template

Printable Birthday Calendar

14 free sets of Lunchbox Laughs

Free School Notes

Summer Cupcake Toppers

Free Summer Notes

4×6 Mini Prints 


Happy Birthday Jar

Home of the Brave


Amazing Fathers

Summertime Cube and Activities



Dad and Grandpa Notes


Fourth of July Cupcake/Desserts Toppers and Wrappers


My Country Tis of Thee

June Visiting Teaching Messagejune


Daddy Ties

Daddy Toolbox Coupon Box


Dad/Grandpa and Me Frameable prints


Dad/Grandpa Tags


Happy Birthday Labels


May Visiting Teaching Message

Teacher, You are Gold Tags


Teachers are Treasures Printable


The Many Jobs of Moms


Mother’s Day Printable Vase

The Many Reasons I’m Glad You are MY Mom


There is No One Right Way To Be a Mother


Don’t Just Talk About It. BE About It.


Bunny Games


Bunny Cups


Easter Flags



The Gospel is not Weight, It is Wings


There are NO true endings


Easter Lunchbox Laughs


There is no Up or Down in the Gospel


How Much of Life Do We Miss


General Conference Games for Kids


Easter Bunny Edition of Lunchbox Laughs

Lucky Garland


Printable Gold Foil Valentines

Lego Movie Valentines


What Does the Fox Say Valentine


Free Valentines Tags


Free Valentines Cards


The Many Reasons Why I Love You Valentine


Today I will be my own superhero


Valentines Lunchbox Laughs


She Turned Her Cant’s Into Cans


AND check out these Photo Booth Props I designed for Kristen Duke this year:

Summer Photo Booth

photo booth 1

4th of July Photo Booth

photo booth 2

Birthday Photo Booth

photo booth 3

Back to School Photo Booth

photo booth 4

Halloween photo Booth
photo booth 5

Thanksgiving Photo Booth

Photo Booth 6

Christmas Photo Booth

Photo Booth 7

Winter Photo Booth

Photo Booth 8

New Years Eve Photo Booth

Photo Booth 9

Have the Happiest 2015!


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