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Foxes and Flowers Baby Shower

There are some things that I love to do more than others. One of them is throw baby showers for my friends. I don’t care if a person has 1 kid or 10 kids, I really think every single baby should be celebrated…and the mom too, afterall, she is the one stretching her body all out  sacrificing  so much to bring that baby into the world! 🙂

I have a sister right now who is expecting her third baby and first girl! We are so excited to welcome her into the world this fall, so when I started designing this pack, it was with her in mind.

There are SO many fun things you can do with this shower.

You can make it more woodland themed with wood and foxes and use some natural elements like burlap  and twigs to decorate with.

You could make it more colorful and use some of these fun colors: mustard, coral, light pink, brown, olive and teal in balloons and fabric and use lots of patterns and have fun with it!

When I staged my shower, I decided to go with more of a playful and whimsical look, using white streamers that I ruffled (yes, I ruffled a LOT of white streamers by sewing them!)

BUT before we begin with the decor and such, let’s take a look at the invites!

The Invites

I wanted these to be playful and feminine. I love the scallop and I adore the little sleeve you place over the top of them. What a fun little invite that would be to receive, huh?! It gives the person a little glimse of what is to come.

Now lets look at the decor.



Here you can see some of the fun things that come with this printable pack. There’s a banner (don’t you love how girly it is..and this can be hung on the recipients front door or in her house when she has her baby), it also comes with a small one if you want to whip one up for the hospital!

There are cupcake wrappers and toppers. If you don’t know my style you have to know that I LOVE mixing pattern and color like CRAZY!

There are bottle wraps that you can use with your drinks or around jars holding things such as forks, napkins or straws.

There are food tents.

and that cake I made. Oh, what a story. I took my kids on a store run before I had to shoot this shower and we searched for a white cake at the store (I did not have enough time to make a cake too!) 😉 The store didn’t have one and I don’t know if you have taken 5 kids into a store, but 1-they don’t love it 2-having to go to more than 1 store would be crazy! 😉 So I was pushing the cart around trying to think of ideas and this is what I came up with. I got two premade angel food cakes and stacked them and added cool whip as the frosting. It is exactly the look I was going for and just love how light and fluffy it looked. PLUS..super inexpensive and I grabbed a big carton of strawberries and Costco and we had dessert for the night! Love those happy accidents.

Tomorrow I will show you how I made that cute chocolate fox on the cake. Super easy and a great idea for any kind of cake! The flowers are part of the pack as well!

The Activities:

I am not one to LOVE to play games, but these activities have always been fun and thoughtful and memorable.

Baby Shower Bingo

This is played by giving each attendee a blank card as they walk in. Have them write out 14 gifts they think the mother-to-be will open. They get 2 free spaces anywhere on the card except in the same row. The first person to get a bingo, wins!


I LOVE these at baby showers. This gives you a chance to give a little boost to the mommy to be. Write her a wish for the baby and a piece of advice for her. This can be put in a baby book or bound together to make a sweet little book.

Lastly, a little crafting station. I love the idea of having  little onesies at a station that anyone can come and decorate. Have the printables printed on Dark T-shirt transfer paper and cut them out. With just an iron, anyone can make a plain onesie turn into a piece of art! (and a piece of art that the baby can wear.)

In the printable pack there are also favors which can double as thank you cards, a gifts table card and much, much more!

It really was SO much fun to design and can’t wait to see how YOU use them at your own showers!

Here are some fun images you can pin to see the ideas together:

Remember, this shower is one of 14 showers in a big Baby Shower Printable Pack you can buy. It also includes one pregnancy announcement pack and one gender reveal party! You can find it by clicking below:


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